Climate innovation news at Dalus

Personally and at Dalus Capital, we are very concerned about climate change. If humanity does not transition out of fossil fuels soon enough, the warming of the earth would have catastrophic consequences on life on the planet, including on humans. You can see an animation at the bottom of this post that very graphically shows the scary trend we have created.

I believe the solution to the climate change challenge will require many complementary solutions, including startups using technology to mitigate emissions or generate resilience and adaption to the change that is happening.

Several years ago we decided to add climate innovation as one of the investment themes of our venture capital fund. We are investing in climate startups as well as working on several initiatives to help develop a strong ecosystem in Latin America. 

I’m very happy to share some recent news of our activities in this area:

  • We participated in the $50 million dollars Series B financing round that NCX raised. NCX is an amazing startup building a science-driven forest carbon marketplace delivering large-scale, immediate impact on climate and communities. We will be supporting NCX in its Latin American expansion. You can read their announcement of the round here.
  • Our investment in Algramo received a 2022 Environmental Responsibility Honorable Mention at the LAVCA ESG Awards of this year. LAVCA is the Association for Private Capital Investment in Latin America. Algramo is a very exciting startup building solutions to eliminate single-use plastic for consumer products, where we invested during 2021.

I will report on some other climate innovation initiatives very soon. 

We all need to contribute to phasing out carbon emissions by changing our individual and family behaviors, changing the operations of the companies where we work, and supporting elected officials and governments that implement net-zero policies.

The GISTEMP climate spiral 1880-2021 by NASA
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