The e-interview: Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje, B37 Ventures


Linkedin Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje
Twitter @rodrigo_sanser

What do you do currently?
I’m Managing Partner at B37 Ventures, a Silicon Valley based VC specialized in the rapid internationalization of technology startups. Seguir leyendo

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Aprovechen la promoción de kubo.financiero para inversionistas

kubo.financiero logo Mexico p2p lendingkubo.financiero estrena una promoción para inversionistas donde regala hasta $1,000 en proyectos, si inviertes antes del viernes 19 de agosto.

Como inversionista puedes obtener retornos entre 10% y 20%, superiores a los que ofrecen los bancos. Seguir leyendo

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La e-entrevista: Carolina Mariño, Plug and Play Tech Center

Caro foto

Linkedin Carolina Mariño
Twitter @CaromarinoSV

¿Qué haces actualmente?
Actualmente trabajo para una aceleradora en Silicon Valley llamada Plug and Play Tech Center, con más de 10 años de experiencia en el ecosistema del emprendimiento donde hemos acelerado mas de 6,000 startups. Estoy como Directora LATAM con el objetivo de buscar corporaciones que estén en búsqueda de innovación y podamos nosotros ofrecerles las soluciones que les ayuden a cumplir con sus metas y proyectos. Así la búsqueda de startups en tecnología en México dándoles la oportunidad de ir al Silicon Valley a un programa de aceleración en el Silicon Valley. Seguir leyendo

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Great job opportunity at Dalus Capital – VC/growth fund

We are looking for an analyst for our Monterrey office at Dalus Capital. This is a great opportunity for a young professional interested in technology/innovation and investments in Mexico and Latin America. We are a very dynamic and entrepreneurial team that gives significant responsibilities to all team members.

The ideal candidate will come from a leading academic institution, be a pre-MBA profile, and have 1-3 years of relevant work experience such as in the Financial sector (Investment Banking/VC/PE) or a top Management Consulting firm.
Critical reasoning, research capacity, a strong interest in technology, innovation and the startup ecosystem, are a firm requirement. Entrepreneurial experience is highly desirable.
Full professional proficiency (written and spoken) in both English and Spanish, are also requisites.

Responsibilities will include but not be limited to: analysis of companies and target industry and comparable companies, due diligence, financial modeling, documentation, general administration, entrepreneurial assistance, deal execution and deal monitoring.

The position is based in Monterrey, Mexico.

To apply, interested candidates should please send CV and cover letter to:

Please share this opportunity!

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kubo.financiero – Mexico’s first peer-to-peer lending platform – raises financing round

kubo.financiero logo Mexico p2p lendingI am very happy to share that kubo.financiero, one of the companies in which we have invested, announced raising a new round of financing of $7.5 million dollars last week. Many congratulations to Vicente Fenoll, CEO and founder of kubo, and his team for this achievement. I was very involved in this process and know the amount of work that went into raising the round. We were also very happy to continue investing in this great startup.

Kubo is the leading online peer-to-peer lending platform in Mexico and the only one operating under the regulation of the Mexican financial regulator. Peer-to-peer means that individual investors lend through kubo to a number of individual borrowers directly (but taking only a small percentage of each loan). Most of the loans are for productive purposes and have interest rates that on average are below half of what these borrowers were paying with other alternatives. You can read more about p2p, its benefits and potential in some of my previous posts here, here and here.

This new round shows how new and existing investors – Mexican and international – have been impressed by the achievements of kubo in its four years of life. The company has provided more than 4,700 loans for a total of $105 million pesos, funded by more than 500 individual investors. It is an impressive growth that has accelerated in the last quarter.

The Mexican Fintech sector is having great traction with clients and investors. Many of the technology companies funded in Mexico have been in Fintech. The opportunity in the sector is huge because financial services have a low penetration and the banking sector is extremely concentrated in a few banks that are very profitable and then reluctant to innovate. We will continue to see kubo and other Fintech startups grow and getting more funding in the next quarters.







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The e-interview: Pepe Villatoro, WeWork Mexico

Pepe Villatoro

LinkedIn: Pepe Villatoro
Twitter: @pepevillatoro

What do you do currently?
I’m the General Manager of WeWork in Mexico. WeWork is a company founded in NYC in 2010 that offers workspace, community and service for creators. As of today the company has more than 110 locations in 29 cities around the world.
I’m a co-founder of FuckUp Nights, where I serve with a role similar to a Board Member. FUN is a global movement to tell stories of business failure powered by an event series that expanded to 160 cities in 56 countries in 4 years.
I’m a partner in Grupo Avanza, a financial services company that gives credit to small businesses in southern Mexico and invests in entrepreneurs.
When I find the time I help create or develop social initiatives such as the Mexican Entrepreneurs Association and Mexican Crowd Funding Association, and I mentor startups in a handful of accelerators. Seguir leyendo

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Venture Capital: Driving Economic Growth

This week I read an interesting article (link here) from the FOMIN blog by Yuri Soares, Susana Garcia-Robles and Sandro Diez Amigo that explains academic evidence that “venture capital investments can be very effective in fostering economic development, producing both direct and indirect impacts”. Seguir leyendo

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La e-entrevista: Juan Carlos Domenzain, Promotora Social México

Juan Carlos Domenzain

Interview in English further below.

LinkedIn: Juan Carlos Domenzain
Twitter: @jcdomenzain

¿Qué haces actualmente?
Soy cofundador y Director General de Promotora Social México. Invertimos en empresas que tengan alto impacto social en personas de segmentos bajos de la población a través de productos y servicios de educación, salud y desarrollo económico. Estamos invertidos en 15 empresas y en 5 fondos de inversión. También apoyamos a los emprendedores sociales y ayudamos a fortalecer el ecosistema de inversión de impacto en México. Seguir leyendo

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La e-entrevista: José Antonio Dávila, IPADE

José Antonio Dávila Castilla

CV: José Antonio Dávila Castilla

¿Qué haces actualmente?
Profesor de Entrepreneurship, Estrategia de Negocios y Gobierno Corporativo en IPADE Business School.

Director del Centro de Iniciativa Empresarial IPADE-EY.

Miembro del Consejo de Administración de empresas en diversas industrias. Seguir leyendo

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Fintech – Entrevista Finnovista

Esta semana me entrevistaron sobre startups de Fintech – tecnología aplicada al sector financiero – y su financiamiento en Latinoamerica para el newsletter de Finnovista. Les comparto la entrevista completa en este link:

Financiación: la gran pregunta de los emprendedores latinoamericanos

En nuestro primer fondo somos unos de los inversionistas más activos en Fintech en Latinoamerica en las etapas de Series A y posteriores, habiendo invertido en Clip, Kubo, Technisys y MFM.

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