Book recommendations – May 2022

Below you will find a selection of books I recommend from what I read in the twelve months. An exciting combination of fiction and non-fiction.


  • The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson. A climate-fiction novel that presents a plausible future for the planet as the planet heats with the continuing burning of fossil fuels.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert. I read this for the first time when I was in my teens and it fascinated me. Recently decided to read the book again before seeing the new movie adaptation, which by the way I highly recommend as well. A deeply rich future with a very political plot.
  • Nuestra parte de noche by Mariana Enríquez. I really enjoyed this horror novel that presents a very elaborated dark world. This book from an emerging Argentinian female writer has won several awards. I believe an English version has not been released yet.
  • Las cosas que perdimos en el fuego (Things We Lost in the Fire) by Mariana Enríquez. Short horror stories written before the novel above.
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CO2 reached 420 ppm in the atmosphere

Humanity continues consuming fossil fuels and carbon dioxide (CO2) continues accumulating in the atmosphere. For the first time, the level of 420 ppm was reached in 2022. The following charts show clearly how humans have caused this.

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Recientemente fuí invitado a dos podcasts a hablar de emprendimiento e inversiones. Me gustaron mucho estas conversaciones. Se las comparto aquí:

  • Conversando con Jonathan Ruiz y Mauricio Moreno en el podcast Disruptivo con el tema “Invertir en Startups es como jugar al ajedrez”. Escuchen el podcast en spotify.
  • Conversando con Pepe Toriello de RDF Outlook sobre como un emprendedor puede dar el primer paso para acercarse a un fondo de venture capital levantar una primera ronda de inversión. Escuchen el podcast en spotify o apple podcasts.
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Climate innovation news at Dalus

Personally and at Dalus Capital, we are very concerned about climate change. If humanity does not transition out of fossil fuels soon enough, the warming of the earth would have catastrophic consequences on life on the planet, including on humans. You can see an animation at the bottom of this post that very graphically shows the scary trend we have created.

I believe the solution to the climate change challenge will require many complementary solutions, including startups using technology to mitigate emissions or generate resilience and adaption to the change that is happening.

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I want to share that we had a Unicorn exit today: SoFi Technologies, Inc. announced the acquisition of our portfolio company Technisys – a global leader in digital banking for top-tier financial institutions. SoFi is one of the leading fintech companies in the US and is listed in Nasdaq with ticker SOFI. You can see SoFi’s announcement here and a WSJ article about the transaction. This is a 100% acquisition of Technisys, which is valued at $1.1 billion, to be paid in SoFi shares.

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The NFTs hype

By Diego Serebrisky

There has been a lot of hype regarding NFTs recently. NFT is short for non-fungible token – a unique digital identifier that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership of an underlying digital asset, typically a digital image. Most digital assets could be copied easily; the NFT is an identifier link to a specific asset that could not be copied. So, the owner of the NFT has a unique registered copy of the underlying digital asset, although there could be an infinite number of copies of the digital asset.

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Podcast Momentum

Les comparto el nuevo episodio del podcast de Momentum, donde me invitó mi buen amigo y también inversionista Jorge González Gasque a tener una conversación muy entretenida sobre startups y venture capital. Espero lo disfruten y como siempre todos los comentarios son bienvenidos.

También disponible en Apple Podcasts.

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Our investment thesis for Clip

Recently Clip became the first Mexican unicorn in fintech by raising a $250 million dollar financing round at a valuation close to $2 billions. An amazing and well-deserved achievement for Adolfo Babatz and his team at Clip. I’m very happy and humbled to have been able to join Adolfo and Clip in this journey since almost the beginning. At Dalus I led our investment in their seed round and later led their Series A financing round.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to share and discuss our investment thesis at the time we invested in Clip. We are very proud that Clip’s path and results were close to what we envision in our investment analysis which resulted in our investment in 2013.

You can hear this in the Startupeable Podcast (in Spanish) in these links in Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Book recommendations – May 2021

Below you will find a selection of books I recommend from what I have been reading in recent months.

Climate change

  • How to Avoid a Climate Disaster by Bill Gates. I highly recommend this very clear explanation of the climate change challenges and interesting ideas and policy recommendations from Bill Gates.
  • The New Climate War by Michael E. Mann. Mann, a recognized climate change expert, explain the strategies and tactics of climate change deniers and inactivists to obstruct the fight against climate change. This book is an eye opener.
  • Half-Earth by Edward O. Wilson. Terrifying account of the biodiversity loss the world is experiencing.

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Board games recommendations for pandemic times

I have not written in this blog for some months now, but I will restart with this article. Many of us continue to be in lockdowns due the pandemic, so in this post, I will recommend board games instead of my regular book recommendations as a tool for home entertainment. I have been a fan of board games (the recreational games for fun, not politics in companies’ Boards 😬) since I was a teenager.

Board games are a great way to have fun and interact with family and friends during the confinements many of us have experienced during the pandemic. For me, game time is also a great way to disconnect from my day-to-day and helps me manage stress.

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