Status of the Latin American startup and venture capital ecosystems during the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has hit Latin America hard and fast across many industries including tech startups, despite having still relatively low numbers of cases of the disease in the region. I want to share what I see is the current impact on the startup and venture capital ecosystem.

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COVID-19 guide for entrepreneurs

For the last couple of weeks, I have been researching and thinking hard on what the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic could be. Here is my view on the situation.

Will the coronavirus continue spreading? It seems highly likely that the virus would continue spreading around the world. You can check out this video that clearly explain the exponential growth principle behind the virus. Countries with few cases might see significant increases soon. Countries with large number of infected people, might see the trend accelerates.

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Looking for an amazing Investor Relations Analyst

Dalus Capital logo

Do you want to start your career in a venture capital fund? At Dalus, we are hiring an Investor Relations Analyst that supports our fundraising process. This is an amazing opportunity to participate at the forefront of venture capital in Latin America, in an empowering role with a fast-paced learning trajectory. 

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How startups should prepare for the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

The global expansion of the coronavirus COVID-19 accelerated last week. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the US’ CDC have recommended preparations for the arrival of the coronavirus epidemic to most countries around the world. The question seems to be when rather than if it will happen.

There is no reason to panic, but people and companies – startups included – need to plan for the potential impacts of a pandemic. Here I recommend some actions that startups should take in this preparation.

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e-interview: Itzel Villa, MIT Enterprise Forum Mexico

Itzel Villa, MIT Enterprise Forum Mexico

Twitter: @itzel_vs

LinkedIn: Itzel Villa

What do you do currently? I am in charge of the MIT Enterprise Forum chapter Mexico, a non-for-profit organization, focusing on strengthening local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems, by leveraging all the infrastructure and knowledge of MIT. We are a bridge between Mexico and the MIT.

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e-entrevista con Daniel Mizrahi, Propeler

Twitter: @dmwarhol

LinkedIn: Daniel Mizrahi

¿Qué haces actualmente? Soy el fundador y director general de Propeler – plataforma de fondeo colectivo de capital enfocado en empresas en etapas de crecimiento. También Propeler funciona como una plataforma de levantamiento de capital con ángeles y fondos de venture capital.

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Do you know who Greta Thunberg is?

I am surprised many people do not know her. Greta is a 16-year old teenager from Sweden that has become one of the leading environmental activists raising awareness of the risks posed by global warming and the climate crisis. I think she is one of the activists that could influence politicians, governments and other decision-makers around the world to move to action to reduce carbon emissions.

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Invitación al evento del MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2019 en CDMX

Les comparto la invitación para el evento de selección de los ganadores regionales de Latinoamérica para competir en la final del MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge 2019. También tendremos interesantes ponentes de temas de innovación y emprendimiento, incluyendo a Andrew McAfee, quien es co-director del MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy.

El evento es el 5 de septiembre en la Ciudad de México y está abierto a todos, registrándose AQUÍ.

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Mexico huge VC opportunity – rapid digitalization of the emerging middle class

As a Venture Capitalist in Mexico (also investing in Latin America) I continue to be very excited about the opportunity I see in front of me. Mexico has seen an incredible growth of its entrepreneurial and venture capital ecosystem in the last 5 years. Today, we have more than 120 active venture capital fund managers in Mexico, from accelerators/seed to late stage venture. These funds have invested in close to 1,000 startups/companies over this 5-year period, representing more than $1.8 billion dollars invested, and growing at 56% year over year, an unprecedented pace of growth. Well-known startups include Clip, Konfio, Cornershop, Kubo Financiero, Kueski among many more.

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Invitations for women entrepreneurs

Let me share some invitations for very interesting women entrepreneurs programs:

  • WeXchange, the best Latam forum for women entrepreneurs organized by IDB Lab with networking, mentoring, training and pitching competition. To be held in Asunción, Paraguay in November 13-14. Free event.
  • Cartier Women’s Initiative, a global program founded in 2006 that supports early-stage impact-driven businesses led by women entrepreneurs through coaching & mentoring, access to networks, media visibility and prize money (up to USD$100k each). Application deadline for 2020 cohort is August 14.

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