I want to share that we had a Unicorn exit today: SoFi Technologies, Inc. announced the acquisition of our portfolio company Technisys – a global leader in digital banking for top-tier financial institutions. SoFi is one of the leading fintech companies in the US and is listed in Nasdaq with ticker SOFI. You can see SoFi’s announcement here and a WSJ article about the transaction. This is a 100% acquisition of Technisys, which is valued at $1.1 billion, to be paid in SoFi shares.

I had the privilege to lead Technisys’ series B round in 2014 when we identified an amazing founder team with a great product serving some of Latam’s largest banks. I have accompanied the company as a Board member since then. These have been amazing times with great successes but also a lot of difficult moments. The building of great companies does not go in straight lines all the time. The leadership of Mike Santos, co-founder & CEO, has been amazing during this process. Truly inspiring for other tech entrepreneurs.

I want to congratulate  Mike, his co-founders Adrian and German, and the whole Technisys team for the amazing job they have done creating a global-class technology company from Latin America (which now has a global footprint).

For us, this closes the cycle – from investment, scaling up to divesting – in another key investment in our Fund I, generating an amazing return for our investors. At Dalus we are honored to be part of this incredible growth story!

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  1. carolinasky11 says:

    It looks like an amazing founder team. Congratulations to Dalus team also! Tecnysis’ banking infrastructure will undoubtedly be a great ally for banks and fintech. We will see more competition where the differentiator will be new products and services.


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