Latin America Climate Innovation Startup Radar and other resources

I am happy to share several resources we put together at Dalus Capital for the Climate Innovation space in Latin America. This is an emerging ecosystem and we hope these initiatives will help its development.

  • The first Climate Innovation Startup Radar for Latin America. This is the first version with the startups in the region we have identified. Feel free to download and distribute this startup radar. If you know of other startups in Latin America that we should include, please share them with us here.
  • We also created a collaborative Latam Climate wiki that you can check out here: Also open to all collaborations and suggestions on what to include.
  • Finally, you can check out here the videos of all the sessions we had at the first LATAM Climate Innovation Summit in Mexico City last July.

Reach out if you want to collaborate on some of these initiatives.

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1 Response to Latin America Climate Innovation Startup Radar and other resources

  1. Hi Diego im interested in connecting with those Startups


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