VC office hours

Around two months ago, several venture capital investors from Latin America were invited/challenged to establish open office hours by Twitter user @Esmartinvestor with one tweet:

I decided to take on the idea (as well as several of my fellow Latin American colleagues) and started right away opening my schedule for 20-minute zoom meetings that anybody could schedule. This is one more way to support the development of the ecosystem in the region.

It has been a terrific experience meeting entrepreneurs that want to get feedback on their startups, business models, pitch decks, and how to approach their fundraising. Also, I have talked with young people looking for recommendations on how to get into the venture capital world. The entrepreneurs I have talked with have been from the whole region, from Argentina to Mexico. Interestingly, several of them from smaller cities, not the typical large cities with stronger ecosystems. One of the big benefits of online access in the current times.

You can book office hours with me here. Please indicate what topic you want to talk about. If you want to present a pitch deck, please send it to me beforehand.

In return, I will appreciate if you follow my twitter account @serebrisky and subscribe to this blog here.

Looking forward to talk with many of you soon.

You can check who else is participating here.

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