e-interview: Ulrick Noel


LinkedIn: Ulrick Noel
Twitter: @ulrick

What do you do currently?
What I do is different to my job as Fred Kofman described in Conscious Business. What I do is to search for innovative ways to create value for:

  • Current investments trough Everdeen Capital
  • Corporate partners like Coca-Cola and Interproteccion helping to build their corporate open innovation platforms
  • Clients by developing the innovation practice at Deloitte Consulting
  • Students and Entrepreneurs by teaching and speaking about innovation.

How and when did you get involved with the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem?
When I quit consulting, and launched Rocket Internet in Mexico.

How would you describe the ecosystem in Mexico?
Like a baby that is starting to walk but still shits his pants. However, there is no time like this to be an entrepreneur in Mexico for good and for worst, you can die trying to prove your product/service but if you get some little product market fit Investors will make a line.

What do you expect in the next 12 months?
I think the market has an attitude of wait and see. Due to the political changes in the US along with the challenges in the region, I think 2017 can be a lost year of nothing happening in Mexico, but there will be few that will ride upcoming economic crisis and will emerge as the “the new” Mexican miracles in 2 or 3 years.

What are the main challenges?

  • Ideological – Get over the fact that Trump is not prone to Mexico and focus on Mexican advantages with other partners and other markets.
  • Political – As Political parties get ready for the 2018 election we will start seen and dirty war on each candidate, but there is a real chance that the extreme left gets the presidency and destroys what has been built.
  • Economy – Mexico needs to adjust public finance to match output and keep in check fiscal deficit, however stimulus program need to continue to be available.

What change or result would bring the greatest benefits for the ecosystem?
ACCEPTING FAILURE, startups and investors need to fail soon to give room to the next generation, there are so many zombies in this ecosystem.

Describe your typical day?
Wake up 5:30 am – Exercise and meditate, walk my dogs and eat breakfast. Check the news and 9gagFirst meeting by 7:30 or 8 am usually conference call. The rest of the day is usually a mix of meeting with clients, investment targets, portfolio companies or entrepreneurs. Lunch around 1 pm usually networking or team lunch. Afternoon and night working on email and material that’s needs input. Call it a night by 9:30 o 10 pm. Read something to learn. Reflect on the day and check the plan for tomorrow. Go to bed around 11:30 pm.

Who is your favorite entrepreneur?
Nikola Tesla as inventor and Elon Musk because reasons…

A recent book do you recommend [fiction or non-fiction]?
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop?
Smartphone on the road, laptop plus extra-monitor at home and the office.

iOS or Android?
iOS but I confess that I feel ripped off some times.

Favorite App?
Airmail – Just makes email work.

Favorite social network?

Ideal vacation?
Exploring the outdoors, maybe diving or climbing a mountain using the latest gadgets for the occasion.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?
Develop my own personal blog, consolidate the corporate programs I lead, plan a book, run a marathon and get certified as rescue diver.

One word that describes you?

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