e-interview: Andy Kieffer, Agave Lab


LinkedIn: Andy Kieffer
Twitter: @AndyAtAgave

What do you do currently?
General Partner for Agave Lab Venture Fund.

How and when did you get involved with the Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem?
About 9 years ago I moved to GDL from San Francisco after spending 15 years doing venture-backed startups there.

How would you describe the ecosystem in Mexico?
It’s very early but it feels remarkably similar to how the Silicon Valley felt at the time of Netscape. The big difference is that things in Mexico are moving much, much more quickly.

What do you expect in the next 12 months?
We will start to see some of the first wave startups (VoxFeed, Kueski, Conekta, etc.) experience successful financial exits. This will encourage more investment which will, in turn, create more momentum.

What are the main challenges?
Mexico, as a business culture, is more risk-adverse than the US.

What change or result would bring the greatest benefits for the ecosystem?
A successful, highly visible exit for a startup.

Describe your typical day
Nothing that is interesting or surprising. I spend most of my time working with my portfolio companies.

Who is your favorite entrepreneur?
Gustavo Lopez at VoxFeed.

A recent book do you recommend?
Sprint – from the Google Ventures guy.

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop?

iOS or Android?

Favorite App?
Paper – an alternative way to use Facebook. It was recently discontinued. 😦

Favorite social network?
Facebook for fun / Medium for content.

Ideal vacation?
A week of head high waves at my surf house on the coast of Nayarit.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?
Keep all my portfolio companies growing.

One word that describes you?

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