Alterleap: a community for women passionate about the Planet

I am delighted to invite you to join Alterleap, a purpose-driven community founded by my amazing wife Ariana Gómez, for women who are passionate about the planet and eager to take action 🌿💚. Alterleap is focused on providing a supportive space where women can come together to share knowledge, resources, and experiences, while working towards a common goal: protecting our Earth 🌎.

While Alterleap is primarily aimed at women, the community also welcomes men who share our passion for environmental sustainability and female empowerment 💪. Together, we can create a strong, unified community dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet 🌐.

I encourage you to connect with Alterleap on Instagram, where you’ll find useful information, eco-friendly tips, and inspiring stories. You can follow the English, Spanish, or both versions at:

By joining Alterleap, you will have the opportunity to attend online workshops and events focusing on sustainability and female empowerment while engaging with like-minded individuals who are passionate about environmental issues 🤝🌳.

By working together, we can achieve meaningful change and make a lasting impact on the world 🌏. If you’re ready to join a community dedicated to making a difference, I warmly welcome you to Alterleap 🤗. Let’s join forces and create a more sustainable future together 💚.

See you on Alterleap! 🌟

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