Updated Latam Climate Startup Radar

We just gave our Latam Climate Innovation Startup Radar a major update. You might have seen the previous version when we released it for the first time last year. It’s a cool tool that helps map out startups that are working on solutions to combat climate change in Latin America. These startups are broken down into four main categories: AgTech, Energy, Green Consumer, and Mobility. You can grab the high-res version of the radar by clicking here.

The new version of the radar includes 191 startups, which is a huge jump from the 147 we had before – a 30% increase. If you know of any other startups that should be on our radar, make sure to let us know by filling out this form.

We have also updated the Latam Climate wiki. Please check it out.

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1 Response to Updated Latam Climate Startup Radar

  1. OLA says:

    Bancambios is preparing the Bancambios Energy, Bancambios Blockchain, and Bancambios ReFi Marketplace.

    Soon we will open a round. Stay tuned.


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