Join the MIT Latin America vs. COVID-19 hackathon

The coronavirus landed in Latin America in February. Since then, governments across Latin America have taken different actions to protect their populations and contain COVID-19’s spread. What kind of support do Latin America’s health systems need? What actions can be taken to protect the most vulnerable? What tools can help prevent the spread of misinformation related to the crisis? What will it take to empower the informal economy in times of social distancing?

Hosted by MIT – my alma mater -, Latin America vs. COVID-19 is a 48-hour virtual event that will focus on developing solutions to these most pressing questions—ones that have a meaningful impact in Latin America in the next three to six months. The hackathon is part of the MIT COVID-19 Challenge series with Latin America vs. COVID-19 taking place June 19-21, 2020.

This event will be the first of the series focused on Latin America, and will be held in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. Open to the public, the hackathon aims at capturing all those interested in helping the region fight COVID-19. All are welcome to apply before noon on Tuesday, June 16.

On June 19, participants will gather to present their own ideas in problem pitch sessions. Participants will then form teams to hone in on key problems and devise their solutions. Over the next 48 hours, teams will iterate on these ideas with the assistance of mentors and collaborating organizations.

On June 21, participants will reconvene to present their final pitches to judging panels, and winning teams will be selected per track. After the weekend, the best ideas and teams will have the opportunity to co-develop and implement their solution with the support of collaborating companies and institutions.

Apply now!

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