A COVID-19 Safety Plan for indoor spaces

Reopening businesses after the great COVID-19 lockdown is starting to happen or will happen soon in many countries around the world. For the entrepreneurs (and also for more traditional business owners) reopening could be a great challenge. How do you reopen your physical locations while keep your employees, clients and partners safe by preventing COVID infections? What are the appropriate measures to implement as a responsible leader? How do you manage the trade off between social interaction and people safety?

I want to share some useful material with you. This has been prepared by my friend Tim Rowe who founded and runs the well recognized coworking for entrepreneurs Cambridge Innovation Center with 8 locations currently (the original one in Kendall square next to MIT in Cambridge).

Tim has dedicated plenty of time to analyze the current state of research on coronavirus spread and what measures are recommended or requested by (US) regulators at this stage. You can check his live Safety Plan HERE. This describes the current research on virus transmission in indoors spaces and what measures CIC plans to implement to reduce infections when reopening. CIC is making this document public.

The key concept of the plan is to have many different protection measures where none of them provides a 100% protection but that accumulated generate a good enough protection for the individuals in the workspace. First one is mandatory usage of facial covering. You can read what the other measures are.

Probably many of you entrepreneurs are planning on keeping working remotely after the forced confinement we all have faced. I hope this could be useful for those of you that would need your teams to go back to work in offices or other locations partially or fully.

You can also see the interesting Tesla’s Return to Work Playbook on this topic.

Keep safe!

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