What to do in San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos is a small beach town in the Sea of Cortez in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. It has striking landscapes in a combination of arid mountains facing the sea. It is not touristic developed like other beach resorts in Mexico, which gives it a different feeling and charm. Some people, like me, would enjoy that there are no Starbucks, McDonalds or any other fast food chain!

There are many outdoor activities available in San Carlos. I recommend:

  • Take a sailing course with Vince. Info on his courses here.
  • Guided kayak or walking tours at Estero el Soldado for great bird watching.
  • Visit the pearl farm (Granja de Perlas) in Guaymas. It’s the only one in the Americas. Take the hour-long tour to understand the process. You can buy jewelry there as well.
  • Hike the Tetakawi mountain for amazing views.
  • Rent a kayak to explore the rocky formations around San Carlos.
  • Kite sailing at playa algodones.
  • Take a scuba diving trip. Spearfishing is an option.
  • Visit the lookout (El Mirador) for amazing sea views. Selected as the top sea view in the world by National Geographic in its book Secret Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Best Hidden Travel Gems. A new interesting platform to look directly down to the water is being built.
  • Visit the Nacapule Canyon to do some extreme activities.

Seafood and barbecue are the food specialties of the region. Tortillas de harina (flour tortillas) and carne seca (dried meat) and machaca are also not be missed. You should try some of these food options when is time to eat:

  • Mariscos Doña Rosita, at La Panga. Simple and large place with a great sea view and an amazing seafood. Not fancy but fresh and cheap.
  • Soggy Peso Bar, at Playa Algodones for more seafood.
  • Los Arbolitos for seafood and steaks.
  • Iguanas Burguer y más. They are okey but I go for the options above.
  • Cocos el Loco in the road to el Mirador, for trying seafood in a coconut.
  • Buy excellent meat cuts at Super Carnes Santa Rosa and prepare your own barbecue (carne asada). The beef from the area is famous for its quality and taste.

Here you can see some of my photos of the town. Comments and shares are welcome.

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