INCmty – entrepreneurship festival in Latam

inc-monterrey-logoNext November 7-9th is the second edition of INCmty in Monterrey, México. INCmty is an annual festival of entrepreneurship focused in Mexico and Latam with the objective of helping develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

Three full days packed with more than 250 keynotes, events, conferences, workshops and startup pitches (my tips on pitching here) around the central topic of entrepreneurship. What makes INCmty so interesting is the format of having multiple activities all the time. This is a similar format to other large conferences like SXSW in Austin, but INCmty is probably the first one of this type in Latam.

The drawback of so many packed activities is that some times there are more than one interesting thing to attend at the same time, so you are going to miss interesting stuff.

The festival also has some very well know speakers. Some amazing people doing keynotes this year are Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame; Alex Osterwalder, inventor of the Business Model Canvas; and Jenn Lim, CEO of the Delivery Happiness movement.

INCmty also wants to position itself as a platform for startups and entrepreneurial related announcements. Startups can use 10-minute slots to do announcements for free with the big benefit that a large number of media outlets will be reporting these announcements on a permanent basis throughout the festival.

I’ll be attending INCmty and participating in a few panels and activities. Don’t miss them if you attend.

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1 Response to INCmty – entrepreneurship festival in Latam

  1. Alberto fierro says:

    Me gusta tu manera de presentar las noticias. Y me gustaría saber si tienes información sobre la compra masiva de oro por parte de los chinos ,un saludo


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