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What to do in San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos is a small beach town in the Sea of Cortez in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. It has striking landscapes in a combination of arid mountains facing the sea. It is not touristic developed like other beach … Continue reading

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e-interview: Julian Balderas, Ironhack

Twitter: @julbalderas LinkedIn: Julian Balderas What do you do currently? I’m launching Ironhack in Mexico. Ironhack is one of the best rated web development and UX/UI coding bootcamps in the word. After raising a round they decided to expand into … Continue reading

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9 tips for living with less plastic

I saw this infographic and decided I have to share it. The amount of non-recyclable trash we generate as society is absurd. The obsession with “cleanliness” and “convenience” are forced on society. I’m sure the long term cost to the … Continue reading

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Los vehículos autónomos (ya casi) están aquí

Los vehículos autónomos, aquellos que se conducen solos usando algoritmos de inteligencia artificial, ya son una realidad. Varias compañías, especialmente Google, llevan años desarrollando la tecnología. Lo que hoy son algunos avistamientos ocasionales en algunas pocas ciudades alrededor del mundo … Continue reading

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